Before massive, tactical execution comes vision. Vision is the absolute essential core for any business to thrive. Following vision is strategy.

Growing a business does not rely solely on lead generation and massive amounts of action. With a clear vision we turn our attention to strategy. Strategy that leverages success stories that build BOLD companies. Our team-centric approach to Strategy, Websites, and Social Presence helps create bold brands capable of snowballing success.

business strategy


It starts here. Business strategy informs marketing strategy and execution. This is the critical first step.

Vision, Mission, Values

Facilitate and help guide discussions and the development of organization vision, mission, and values. This leads to differentiation discussions and understanding what makes you unique.

Business Objectives

With critical items like Vision, Mission, Values, Value Proposition, SWOT Analysis, and other items, we can help you articulate SMART goals.

Brand Strategy

The important leap from an overarching business strategy to your brand and marketing strategy. We help you form a brand strategy that aligns with you business and objectives.

leadership consulting


Translating your strategy to your digital storefront. Representing your brand accurately and in a manner that builds trust.

Build / Rebuild

Whether starting from scratch or improving on a design, our team’s systematic approach translates strategy and vision to execution.


Websites have to be able to be found via search, and the team ensures all the conditions for success are met for this to be feasible.


Current, relevant, and up-to-date information is vital for your website. Static sites go stale with time and negatively impact SEO. We reinforce SEO efforts with thoughtful content creation.

creative excellence


Interactions across social platforms with your target audience. Content creation and management.

Content Marketing

Social media and other content that makes an impact, tells a story, and promotes engagement. Can involve internal messaging, external organic growth, and paid advertising efforts.

Interaction Management

What good is content and engagement if the brand is not responding? That’s the same as ignoring someone! We ensure your brand interacts with comments, questions, and other interactions consistent with your brand ethos.

Podcast Consulting

Whether launching or revitalizing a podcast, we can help with many facets of the podcast, whether production, guest scheduling, growth strategies, and more.


Kimberly Seilhamer

“Bold Strategy Group takes incredible vision and strategy, helping me bring my brand to life.”

Kimberly Seilhamer
Award-Winning Hollywood Writer and Producer

Mike Fransen

“Exceptional communication and ability to craft a vision in-line with our company’s vision; a team I can actually trust to do what they say.”

Mike Fransen
Founder | CEO, Workng
Yale MBA, U.S. Army

John Walker
“Bold Strategy Group provided the launchpad required to take our marketing to the next level.”

John Walker
Business Development Executive Leader