Work with a veteran-owned and client results-focused public relations and marketing firm, that builds brand equity and positive momentum, or your money back! (terms and conditions apply)

Our team of specialists helps you establish a BOLD thought leadership strategy.  Our team-centric approach to Strategy, Media, and Social Presence helps create bold brands capable of snowballing success.

business strategy


Business and public relations interactions require thoughtful strategy to attain desired outcomes.

Brand Strategy

We examine your current brand assets and work with you to determine the most effective brand strategy for yourself, business, or product.


With the overarching strategy outlined and objectives understood, we then roadmap the plans to get from present state to future state.

Contiunal Refinement

We closely monitor progress against the established goals, doubling down on opportunities and limiting effort on time-wasters.

leadership consulting


Get seen, noticed, and featured in publications that will enhance trust and thought leadership, or your money back!

Fit to you

Your publicist will work with you to get you seen, noticed, and featured where it matters most to you.


Podcast consumption grows each month. Get featured on shows that enhance your thought leadership.


Getting featured on digital publications enhances your brand image and your overall search engine optimization so you can be noticed not just today but a long time from now.


We help some of the most amazing brands with their websites and social media accounts. Contact us to see how we can help!



Start your podcast today and become a thought leader in your industry, with assistance from our podcast production team.

Show Branding

We work with you to design the branding elements to your show!


A producer will help run your broadcast, managing all the back-end work with graphics, screen sharing, and other elements that enhance production value.


The most time-consuming part is getting it out to the world. Our team will distribute each video episode to major digital networks and audio to all major podcast platforms.


Kimberly Seilhamer

“Bold Strategy Group takes incredible vision and strategy, helping me bring my brand to life.”

Kimberly Seilhamer
Award-Winning Hollywood Writer and Producer

Mike Fransen

“Exceptional communication and ability to craft a vision in-line with our company’s vision; a team I can actually trust to do what they say.”

Mike Fransen
Founder | CEO, Workng
Yale MBA, U.S. Army

John Walker
“Bold Strategy Group provided the launchpad required to take our marketing to the next level.”

John Walker
Business Development Executive Leader


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